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What metal suits me best ??

Does silver suit some people better whilst others find gold more flattering?

Hello my lovelies, I wanted to investigate this after a discussion with one of my recent clients about whether people preferred gold or silver. The consensus seemed to be that people liked silver when they were younger but started to find gold more flattering as they matured.

So, this got me thinking, are their changes in your skin that happen as you age that could explain this or is gold just popular right now and people are just sub consciously choosing it as its more popular and on trend?

I just want to begin this blog post by saying that I don’t at all think that anyone should feel they can only wear what’s believed to be right for them. I’m a big advocate for just wearing what the heck you want…if you like it, then go for it! However, I did discover that it is remarkably interesting to learn about the different metals and how they can look more flattering than others on certain skin tones and so am sharing my research with you below...

What’s your skin undertone?

So, I bet you are now thinking that ‘Beth how do I know what my skin tone is?’. Well, I am here to help. Regardless of skin colour everyone falls into one of three categories; warm, cool or neutral, when it comes to their undertone. Most people will find that the tone or colour of their skin changes a shade or two depending on the time of year, but their undertone will stay the same. Don’t worry I will get to my point soon.

I have discovered a few fail-safe tips to help you figure out what you skin undertone is.

• If you burn easily when you’re out in the sun without suncream then you probably have a cool undertone, whereas if you tan without burning you have a warm undertone. If you burn first and then tan, you have a neutral undertone.

• Check the veins on the inside of your wrist.

  • If they look blueish in natural daylight then you’re probably cool toned.,

  • If you have greener veins, then you most likely have a warm undertone.

• Put on a white top or hold a sheet of white paper up to your face. Now look in a mirror, or take a selfie, and see if your face looks pink or more yellow in comparison to the white.

  • If it’s got a pinkish, rosy feel then the chances are that you’re cool toned.

  • If it’s more of a yellow colour, then you’re probably a warm undertone.

  • If you suit bright white as much as creamier off-white colours, then you might have a neutral undertone

Does your skin’s undertone change as you get older?

No. Even if your skin colour changes through age which it normally does, a couple of shades, your skins undertone should remain the same.

Will gold or silver jewellery suit me best?

Ah the point of this blog lol, my research has shown me that as a rule, gold jewellery tends to flatter warm undertones more whereas white metals such as silver platinum and white gold look better on paler skin with a cool undertone. Just to confuse matters rose gold sits in the middle somewhere between the two and is greedy so looks equally as good on those people with either skin undertone.

Even your clothes and your make up can have an effect too. For example, if you're going for some cool pastel shades, then silver will look great. Darker autumnal tones then gold is the winner. If you're wearing black or white then either works brilliantly, and you can go CRAZY and wear both. I'm a MASSIVE fan of mixed metals, as it is a great modern look, one I go for every day, mainly as I never change my jewellery, but that’s beside the point.

I really do think the tone of your skin does makes a difference too. I'm my opinion, darker skins can totally rock gold AND silver. But those with paler skin and a warm undertone can look a little washed out in gold. So, I have come to the conclusion really that there are no rules so just wear what the hell you like!!

I'd love to know what you think about this topic you stick to just one metal? Have your tastes changed over time? Or does it depend on your mood, the occassion or what you're wearing?

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