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Wedding Rings

During my time as a jeweller I have had the privilege of making wedding rings and engagement rings. This is truly one of my favourite commissions to do as it is such an integral part of your special day. If you would like to book a wedding ring consultation then please feel free to get in touch.


From Old to New

This is a silver wedding ring that has been embellished with heirloom 18 karat gold.

Remodelled Beauty

This is an 18 karat gold ring that I have modernised with tube settings rather than old fashioned claw settings.


Stamped to Perfection

This is a pair of court wedding rings. One 9 karat gold and one silver. They both have been embellished with letter stamping.

A Dream is a Wish

These are a pair of wedding rings. One is in a wishbone shape to fit around her engagement ring. The other ring is a brushed 9 karat D shaped ring.

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